ENGLISH - Parva Auto Spare Parts | شرکت پـــروا

Parva , the center of supply and distribution for auto parts whit commercial authentication code (102214) and a quarter of century experience for auto engine parts supply and manufacture that include cylinder head and its appurtenance that consist valve , camshaft , valve guide , valve seat and also crankshaft whit its appurtenance consist connecting rod , bearing and etc whit Parva brand is incomparable between other supplies and distributions

All of the Parva's segments are as a basket of internal and external manufactures whit OE standards and under intelligence managers and experts' opinion and high quality and enough precision sake invitation costumers' consent

Parva is voucher increase longevity costumers ' automobiles providing use perfect set of Parva' segments in own automobile

Therefore we make a web site and offer Parva' products via this that we can service all of the costumers in Iran and world wide. We hope vindicate this job

Meantime we suit all of the costumers that with own proposals and criticisms aid us

Customer Services

Phone - +9821 33970176 -8-9
Email - info@parva.co
Address - No 34 , Kaveh St , Mellat Ave ,Tehran , Iran
Post Code - 1143747713


Phone - +9821 33115407
Email - info@parvagroup.com